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The SeQuel VERMONT amplifier is a tribute to the legendary Johnny Smith, encapsulating his vision for the perfect archtop guitar sound. Merging Smith’s dedication to a balanced, uncolored tone with modern audio technology, the VERMONT offers a hybrid design that combines a medium gain tube preamp with a powerful 200-watt Class D power section, housed in a compact 1×12 combo.




The SeQuel VERMONT guitar amplifier. Our homage to the great Johnny Smith. Named after his seminal album titled “Moonlight In Vermont” released in 1952 with a nod to the music he created and amps he continued to influence throughout his career.

Johnny had deep respect for the archtop guitar advocating it as a unique instrument a breed apart from flat-top, classical/flamenco, and certainly solid-body guitars. He wanted a highly balanced sound that didn’t exaggerate any particular frequencies, strings or notes.

In the SeQuel VERMONT, we’ve wholeheartedly embraced Johnny Smith’s ideas and ideals while also remaining open to modern state-of-the-art circuit topographies. Then adding a few respectful thoughts of our own.

Rather than cloning the past, we looked to the future and took a less traveled path. As Johnny would have hopefully encouraged, in the VERMONT hybrid we’ve created a respectful interpretation that at once embodies Johnny’s philosophy while also embraces modern day audio technology to reproduce a high quality 3D dimensional sound that reflects an archtop guitar faithfully and beautifully…and allows for ease of maintenance/reliability.

The VERMONT is a hybrid housed as a compact 1×12 combo with a medium gain tube|valve preamp (12AX7) and a 200-watt @ 8-ohm Class D power section. Non-interactive Bass and Treble controls that allow for tonal flexibility. Spring reverb for “that” vintage sound. You’ll hear depth and articulation in your guitar that you might have missed before. Plus the overtones are gorgeous. Very quiet self-noise floor suitable for studio recording yet able to achieve extremely high SPLs when required. Extremely light weight!

So here it is at last. The SeQuel VERMONT. Simply Special. Easy to operate. Sonically flexible. Low maintenance. Compact dimensions 18″ x 16″ x 10″ and highly portable weighing only about 22 pounds. Beautiful to look at as it is inspiring to play. Universal power main. Works with both 115v and 230v models for worldwide operation.

Comes with a padded cover.



200 SS Watts


Bass, Treble, Spring Reverb


18″W x 16"H x 10″D


22 lbs


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