Raezer's Edge

Our History

Unique From Day one


Rich Raezer started building speaker cabinets to fill a void in the market: a small cabinet with a big sound. Many musicians complained that in order to get a great sound from their guitar, they had to carry about 80 pounds of equipment. After building many cabinets, Rich found the solution to the weight and size problem without sacrificing tone performance. The final result was a compact, closed-back, tuned, ported cabinet that produced a warm, focused tone with no break-up.

Rich Raezer passed away July 7 2005. Jeff Hale then took on the business and moved it along with all the same tools to Hartland, Wisconsin. After retirement in 2013, Jeff Hale passed the controls to long time shop manager, Geoff Felsher. Now located in Waukesha, Wisconsin, we continue to carry the same legacy. Using many the same tools Rich used when he first started.

We hold true to many of the same designs Rich built the company on and have added many of our own. We take pride in our craftsmanship and how incredible our cabinets sound and look.