Handcrafted Speaker Cabinets

Raezer’s Edge cabinets are designed for a broad dynamic range with any instrument and any musician. Every cabinet is hand built with the player in mind; producing a big focused sound in a small portable cab.


Every cabinet is hand built with the player in mind. The sound is clear and focused at all levels. A deep, full, well-defined bass adds richness to the total range of the instrument: a cabinet you can push without distortion.

Pedal Boards

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Not yet available but coming soon!

Custom Shop

You tell us what you want and we build it! The options are endless. Whether you have something specific in mind or not, we will help you design a perfect cab to go with your amp.

Our products are currently sold through our trusted dealers and directly on Reverb.com. You can also contact us for wholesale and custom builds.

Jeff Hale Guitar Demo Video 1

Jeff Hale  Guitar Demo Video 2

Jeff Hale Guitar Demo Video 3