Twin 8 LW (light weight)

Lighter Cabinet, Full Sound.

Cabinet Model:

Twin 8 LW (light weight)

The Raezer’s Edge Twin-8 LW Speaker Cabinet combines exceptional tone and lightweight design for musicians on the go. Known for its warm, tube-like sound and capable of delivering powerful performance, this cabinet is ideal for those who appreciate detailed audio and practical portability. A padded cover ensures it stays protected wherever you take it.


Twin 8 LW (light weight)


Introducing the Raezer’s Edge Twin-8 LW Speaker Cabinet, meticulously engineered to combine the beloved qualities of the original Twin 8 with enhanced portability. By transitioning to 1/2″ birch plywood from the traditional 3/4″, this design is 7 lbs lighter, making it an ideal choice for musicians on the move without compromising on sound quality.

The Twin-8 LW retains its status as the warmest and most tube-like sounding speaker cabinet in the Raezer’s Edge lineup. It is a perfect choice for enthusiasts of the Wes Montgomery sound, offering a sonic landscape where the highs are thick and round, the lows are defined, and the mids are distinctly present. This cabinet not only replicates the feel of a classic tube amp but enhances it, bringing your music to life.

Equipped with two robust 8-inch full-range speakers, the Twin-8 LW handles up to 250 watts RMS, ready to fill any room with rich sound. It includes an “Extended Range” option with an adjustable tweeter, further refining its audio performance to suit even the most discerning ear.

The practical benefits of the Twin-8 LW extend to its 4-ohm rating, allowing many modern amplifiers to achieve greater volume—please verify compatibility with your amp’s rating. Its well-rounded design and powerful output make it a favorite among professionals and hobbyists alike.

Here’s what William A. Bay, President of Mel Bay Publications, had to say about it: “I received the Twin-8 cabinet and am totally floored by it…The low end is incredibly fat…The chords melt into each other like on a very good tube amp…You have made a real believer in me…”

Every purchase of the Twin-8 LW includes a padded amp cover, ensuring your cabinet remains in pristine condition, protected from the rigors of travel and performance environments. Whether on stage or in the studio, the Twin-8 LW is not just a piece of equipment but a gateway to superior musical expression.


250 watts @ 4 ohms


Eminence Alpha 8A (x2) | APT80 Tweeter (Optional)


19.5'' W x 15'' H x 10'' D


23 lbs | 31 lbs

Frequency Range

58 Hz to 20 k Hz