Sol 40 112 Combo

Classic Hand-wired Tube Sound

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Sol 40 112 Combo

The Raezers Edge Sol 18/40 is a tube amp really like no other.  Hand-wired in Wisconsin with high-quality parts and a proprietary power transformer. Loosely based on the AB763 circuit. Featuring a 3 band EQ (Lows, Mids, Highs) near exactly to the Fender tone controls players have come to love since the 50’s. Comes loaded with a Jensen Jet Tornado 12 or Eminence Wheelhouse speaker.  


Sol 40 112 Combo


With a big bold clean sound on its own yet also embracing pedals, the Sol is a perfect partner to those yielding a 335-style guitar, TELE-style with a humbucker mounted in the neck position, and most any guitar fitted with P-90s, Charlie Christian, DeArmond type pickups, etc.

Highly responsive/sensitive to the player’s touch, you can almost feel the amp breathing with your music. And the Sol doesn’t impose its own character on you, but rather lets you control the sound through your personal choices of guitar, set-up, and pedal train.

Compact and a very tolerable 28 lbs.

Tubes: (1) 12AX7 (1) 12AT7 (2) 6L6 / 5881 selected. Preamp tubes are shielded, output tubes have spring retainers.

220V is available upon request.

Custom tolex, grill cloth, and speaker options are available upon request!

Padded cover included with purchase!



40 Watts


Treble / Mids / Bass


18″W x 17″H x 10.5″D


28 lbs

Sol 40 112 Combo

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