REBL 210

Raezer's Edge

Cabinet Model:

REBL 210

Bass Lite 210 (REBL 210), the latest addition to our bass enclosure lineup. Engineered for the rigors of the road yet lightweight and portable, it delivers the powerful tone we’re renowned for. Ideal for bassists who play electric or double on acoustic and electric, seeking a compact solution without compromising on deep, solid sound.


REBL 210


The Raezer’s Edge Bass Lite 210 (REBL 210) is part of the new class of bass enclosures in the RE lineup.  Built to be road and tour ready but also light weight and portable.  Still providing the powerful tone we have been known to produce. Designed for Bassists who play ELECTRIC or double on ACOUSTIC and ELECTRIC or simply prefer a deep solid foundation and feel to their sound…yet need a compact portable solution. Built with a combination of 3/4″ and 1/2″ Birch ply. Loaded with Eminence Deltalite Neo speakers. Cosmetic options available including tolex color, grille cloth, handles and hardware.


500 watts @ 4 ohms


Eminence Deltalite 2510 (x2)


17'' W x 26'' H x 13'' D


39 lbs

Frequency Range

60 Hz to 4.0 k Hz