REBL 112

Raezer's Edge

Cabinet Model:

REBL 112

Engineered to be lightweight yet deliver heavyweight tone, it competes with the best in its class. Ideal for bassists who play electric or double on acoustic and electric, prioritizing deep, solid sound and portability.


REBL 112


The Raezer’s Edge Bass Lite 112 (REBL 112) is part of the new class class of RE cabs.  Built to be light in weight but heavy in tone, this cab can keep up with any other in its class.

Designed for Bassists who play ELECTRIC or double on ACOUSTIC and ELECTRIC or simply prefer a deep, solid foundation and feel to their sound and a compact portable solution.

Built with a combination of 3/4″ and 1/2″ sand ply.  A recessed handle on top and your choice of smaller black metal corners or heavy duty plastic corners.  Comes with a padded cover by RIGG.



250 watts @ 8 ohms


Eminence Deltalite 2512


18'' W x 17'' H x 13'' D


24 lbs

Frequency Range

58 Hz to 4.3 k Hz