One 6

Big Sound, Small Package.

Cabinet Model:

One 6

The Raezer’s Edge One-6 Speaker Cabinet combines ultra-compact design with surprising warmth and richness in tone, perfect for enhancing the sound of guitars and basses in any setting. Ideal for small venues or as a part of a larger ensemble, it offers a natural enhancement to your instrument’s sound and can also function effectively as a discrete stage monitor.


One 6


The Raezer’s Edge One-6 Speaker Cabinet, a marvel of compact design paired with exceptional sound quality. Engineered for musicians who need portability without sacrificing the full, rich tones Raezer’s Edge cabinets are celebrated for, the One-6 is an excellent choice for archtop or nylon-string classical guitars, and even bass. Surprisingly, it also performs exceptionally well with acoustic double bass.

Despite its near nano-size, the One-6 delivers a sound that is both big and warm, making it ideal for intimate venues or as part of a full band setup where it seamlessly fits within the mix. This cabinet shines in scenarios where the natural acoustic sound of the instrument needs just a bit more presence to truly fill the space.

For those looking to amplify their setup, the One-6 can be paired with other Raezer’s Edge cabinets to create a robust dual speaker system, achieve higher volume levels, or serve as a discreet yet effective stage monitor. It’s a small but mighty solution that lets you confidently tell sound technicians, “I have it covered, thanks!”

The addition of an “ER” or “Extended Range” adjustable tweeter enhances its versatility. Each One-6 comes with a padded cover to ensure it remains protected, whether on the road or in the studio.


175 watts @ 8 ohms | 200 watts @ 8 ohms


Eminence Beta 6A | APT30 Tweeter


14'' W x 10'' H x 10'' D


16 lbs | 19 lbs

Frequency Range

95 Hz to 4.0 k Hz | 95 Hz to 20 k Hz