New York 8

Compact Design, Expansive Sound

Cabinet Model:

New York 8

One of Rich Raezer’s original designs, the NY 8 was designed to meet the needs of players struggling with crowded urban environments, but who still require a speaker cabinet that preserves a full rich sound from their instrument. Despite it’s highly compact dimensions, the NY8 is surprisingly big and warm in tone. It works exceedingly well in smaller rooms and bands with full rhythm sections where the ideal guitar sound fits within a certain “sonic window.”


New York 8


New York 8 (NY 8) Speaker Cabinet from Raezer’s Edge, a design steeped in urban practicality without compromising on sound. Originally crafted by Rich Raezer, this cabinet was developed specifically for musicians navigating the tight spaces of city living while seeking to maintain the full, rich tonal quality of their instruments.

The NY 8 stands out for its compact size, which belies its capability to produce a surprisingly big and warm sound. It’s particularly effective in smaller venues or within bands where maintaining clarity and warmth in a dense mix is crucial. This speaker cabinet fits perfectly within any “sonic window,” providing the ideal balance of sound for guitarists.

Additionally, the NY 8 is designed to function seamlessly with other Raezer’s Edge cabinets, allowing musicians to create a more powerful dual speaker setup or reach higher volume levels when needed. It pairs exceptionally well as a complementary cabinet alongside models like the Stealth 10, Stealth 12, or Twin 8, enhancing both power and sonic depth.


250 watts @ 8 ohms


Eminence Beta 8CX | APT50 Tweeter (Optional)


12'' W x 15'' H x 9'' D


18 lbs | 21 lbs

Frequency Range

95 Hz to 3.3 k Hz | 95 Hz to 20 k Hz