Luna 700R

Power Redefined, Tone Perfected.

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Luna 700R

The Luna 700R Amp Head elevates your musical experience with more than double the power of its predecessor, designed for universal instrument compatibility. Featuring robust, continuous power output and dynamic tone controls, this amp delivers exceptional volume and headroom for any performance. Its precise EQ settings, versatile input jack, and reliable output section make it the perfect choice for musicians seeking a powerful, adaptable, and quality amplification solution.


Luna 700R


Introducing the Luna 700R Amp Head, an amplifier that redefines power and versatility in the music world. Unlike the Luna 200, the 700R more than doubles the power, offering unparalleled robustness and stability in continuous power output. This amp is designed not just for one, but for any instrument, making it the ultimate choice for musicians seeking versatility without compromise.

The Luna 700R stands out by refusing to rely on inflated “peak” power ratings for marketing. Instead, we focus on delivering a genuinely stable and continuous power output, ensuring reliability and quality in every performance. With its dynamic, active, and practical tone controls, the Luna 700R provides ample volume and headroom, suitable for any gig and any instrument.

Key features include a single ¼” input jack with 1MΩ impedance for versatile gains without altering sound character, post-EQ volume control for consistent tone EQing without gain interference, and active treble and bass controls for precise sound shaping. The midrange notch offers variable frequency control from 200 Hz to 5 kHz, seamlessly integrating with the treble and bass for the perfect mid-cut. Additionally, the Line Out/DI feature, with pre-volume control and ground lift, ensures direct input without affecting master volume levels.

The output section boasts 710 Watts @ 4 ohms with a minimum impedance of 3 ohms, accompanied by universal mains power compatibility and comprehensive protection against short circuit, overcurrent, and thermal issues. The Luna 700R is not just an amp; it’s a testament to what true power, combined with meticulous design, can achieve in the realm of music amplification.


700 Watts Class D


Bass, Mids, Treble, Mid Notch filter


10″W x 6″L x 2″ H


3.5 lbs

Luna 700R

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