Luna 200R Combo

Versatile Tone, Portable Power.

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Luna 200R Combo

The Luna 200R Combo Series offers a versatile 200-watt amplifier in a combo format, available in three sizes (1×8, 1×10, 1×12) and two cabinet styles (Open Back for a more natural sound or Closed Back for a fuller sound with more projection), complete with onboard digital reverb and an adjustable tweeter. Designed for easy customization with two price points, each model is compact, lightweight, and includes a padded cover, making it an ideal choice for musicians seeking tailored sound and portability.


Luna 200R Combo


Discover the Luna 200R Combo Series, an evolution of our acclaimed 200-watt amplifier, now offered in a versatile combo format. Designed to meet the nuanced needs of musicians, this series provides two straightforward pricing tiers, allowing you to choose the perfect match for your sound without complication.

Features include:

Onboard Digital Reverb
Direct Line Out for seamless connectivity
A Clean Boost Switch for instant volume enhancement
A design that’s both Compact & Lightweight for ease of transport

Select from an Open Back cabinet for a more open, airy sound with pronounced upper registers, or opt for a Closed Back / Front Ported / Bass Reflex cabinet for a tighter, more focused audio experience with an Extended Range adjustable tweeter as a standard feature. Each design caters to different sonic preferences, from the natural guitar tones favored by Open Back enthusiasts to the fuller, more projected sound of Closed Back models, ideal for a variety of instruments including flat tops and acoustics.

The Luna 200R Combo is available in three sizes: 1×8, 1×10, or 1×12, each with an Active EQ (treble and bass controls with a +/- 12 dB cut or boost) and a Midrange Notch feature for precise tonal shaping. Prices are set at $900 for any Open Back model and $1050 for any Closed Back option, reflecting the advanced features of the latter.

Weights range from 16-21 lbs, depending on your chosen size and design, ensuring portability. Each combo comes with a padded cover for protection. Whether you’re customizing your amp for specific sound requirements or seeking a reliable, high-quality combo, the Luna 200R offers unparalleled versatility. For any inquiries, we’re here to assist you directly.


200 Watts


Active EQ - Treble & Bass with Midrange Notch


One-8 13x13x10.5 | One-10 14x14x10.5 | One-12 16x16x10.5


One-8 (14 lbs) | One-10 (16 lbs) | One-12 (19 lbs)

Luna 200R Combo

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