Custom Twin 8 Tower

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Cabinet Model:

Custom Twin 8 Tower

Custom-built, one-of-a-kind, Twin 8 Convertible Tower Guitar Cabinet. Quite impressive for such a small thing. Dressed in Tweed with Brown and Gold flecking grille clothe. The removable back panel allows the player to switch from open to closed back completely changing the tonality and performance of the cabinet. Great for home studio or practice rooms or small to medium-sized gig rooms. Padded Cover included.


Custom Twin 8 Tower


Custom Twin 8 Convertible Tower Guitar Cabinet, a true marvel in compact design. Despite its modest size, its performance packs a punch that’s sure to astound. Adorned in classic Tweed with a striking Brown and Gold flecking grille cloth, it’s as visually stunning as it is sonically impressive.

But what truly sets this cabinet apart is its versatility. With a removable back panel, players can seamlessly transition between open and closed-back configurations, unlocking a spectrum of tonal possibilities and enhancing performance dynamics. Whether you’re crafting melodies in your home studio, honing your skills in practice rooms, or commanding the stage in small to medium-sized gig rooms, this cabinet delivers uncompromising sound quality and flexibility.

Complete with a padded cover for added protection, elevate your playing experience with this unparalleled masterpiece, meticulously crafted to exceed expectations.


250 watts @ 4 ohms


2x Eminence Alpha 8A


19'' H x 13'' W x 10'' D


22 lbs

Frequency Range

58 Hz - 5 kHz