Custom One-6ER

Raezer's Edge

Cabinet Model:

Custom One-6ER

Designed by Raezer’s Edge, renowned for their rich sound, this cabinet is perfect for amplifying archtop or nylon-string classical guitars, bass, and even acoustic Double Bass. Despite its nano-sized design, the One-6 delivers a surprisingly warm and full tone, ideal for smaller rooms and bands with full rhythm sections.


Custom One-6ER


Custom Alligator Skin One-6ER cabinet.  125 watts with an adjustable tweeter. 17 lbs

The nearly nano-sized Raezer’s Edge One-6 was engineered as an extremely compact and portable solution for amplifying archtop or nylon-string classical guitars, or on bass, yet with that full rich sound that Raezer’s Edge cabinets have long been known.  Also well suited for acoustic Double Bass, believe it or not!

Like its NY 8 “big” brother, the even smaller One-6 is ultra-compact in overall dimensions. Yet the One-6 is surprisingly big and warm in tone. It works exceedingly well in smaller rooms and also in bands with full rhythm sections where the ideal guitar sound fits within a certain “sonic window.”

Alone it works exceedingly well in settings where you want to hear the natural acoustic sound of your instrument but just need “a little more” to fill out the sound. It’s truly remarkable…almost a little funny…but perfect.

The ONE-6 can also be used in conjunction with other RE cabinets for an expanded dual speaker sound, or to achieve higher volume pressure levels, or as an inconspicuous stage monitor that actually sounds good. Just smile at those sound guys with their big wedges and say “I have it covered, thanks!

Comes with a padded cover.


175 watts @ 8 ohms


Eminence Beta 6A


12.5'' W x 10'' H x 10'' D


16 lbs

Frequency Range

95 Hz to 4.0 k Hz