Acoustic 10ER

Small Cabinet Perfect for Archtops

Cabinet Model:

Acoustic 10ER

A new generation of acoustic series speaker systems. It’s an exceptional choice for those who seek a highly compact cabinet that faithfully represents a more acoustic rendition of their archtop or who play classical aka nylon-string guitar. Or sing too! The very small Acoustic 10 cabinet is just barely larger than the 10″ coaxial speaker it contains. Yet, speaks with an open transparent voice, dynamics, clarity and authority that even significantly larger and heavier enclosures often don’t obtain.  


Acoustic 10ER


The Acoustic 10ER Speaker Cabinet, a groundbreaking addition to our acoustic series that caters specifically to musicians seeking a compact yet potent solution for amplifying their archtop guitars, nylon-string classical guitars, or vocals. This innovative cabinet is designed to deliver a faithful acoustic representation of your instrument with unparalleled clarity and authenticity.

The Acoustic 10ER is deceptively small, only slightly larger than the 10-inch coaxial speaker it houses. Despite its modest size, it produces a sound characterized by openness, transparency, and authoritative dynamics that rival much larger enclosures. Its versatile frequency range allows it to masterfully handle a diverse array of tones—from dark and thick to woody and round, to bright and jangly. This makes the Acoustic 10ER not just a speaker cabinet, but a true sound chameleon, adaptable to your unique sonic preferences and the specific characteristics of your instruments.

The cabinet’s design ensures it can be fine-tuned to meet the precise demands of different musical styles and settings, providing musicians with a reliable and adaptable tool for their performances. Each Acoustic 10ER comes with a padded cover for added protection during transport and storage.


250 watts @ 8 ohms


Eminence Beta 10CX | PSD 2013S-8


14'' W x 14'' H x 10.5'' D


22 lbs

Frequency Range

60 Hz to 20 k Hz