112 Open-Back

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Cabinet Model:

112 Open-Back

This open-back cabinet is perfect for players who love spacious, expansive sound. It’s designed for both tube and solid-state amps, slightly oversized for better projection yet lightweight. Crafted from high-quality Baltic Birch ply and covered in stylish Black Bronco tolex with a flecked grille, it’s as good-looking as it sounds.


112 Open-Back


If you’re a player who prefers the airiness and sprawling sound of open back cabinets.  This cabinet should be right up your alley.  Designed for use with both tube and solid-state amplifiers, it checks all the boxes.  Slightly oversized for optimal projection. About the footprint of a common 1×12 combo amp but much lighter.

Open-back cabs provide a more open, airy tone that spreads more evenly around the stage and room. I like to think an open-back cab can provide a more natural sense of “air” and 3D dimensionality around the amplified sound of the guitar…more like you hear when you’re playing your guitar acoustically.

Built with hand-picked, void-free 1/2″ Baltic Birch ply.  Wrapped with Black Bronco tolex and a black grille with silver flecking, it looks as good as it sounds.

Super lightweight at 13lbs without a speaker.  We offer speaker options.  For those who prefer to keep things light, the Jensen Tornado neo is a great option.  We also really like Eminence guitar speakers the Cannabis Rex.

Custom tolex and grille cloth available upon request. Comes with a padded cover


8 ohms


Options Available. (Pictured with Celestion G12H75)


18″W x 16″H x 10″D


13 lbs (without speaker)

Frequency Range