Very excited about this new model amplifier!  The Centauri. It’s a hybrid amplifier design.  The same 200 watt Class D, solid state power section as the Luna heads with a 12AX7 running in true high voltage in the preamp section.  This gives it more of the true tube type tonal qualities.  High, Mid and Bass tone controls reminiscent vintage American tube amplifiers. And features a spring Reverb tank!

It’s a very quiet amp, in the sense that if you aren’t playing there’s no extra noise. And perhaps the best part…it’s super light weight.  Anywhere from 20-26 lbs. depending on the speaker.   We can build these as a 1×10, 1×12, 2×8 or really whatever you prefer.  Comes standard with Jensen Jet Tornado neo speakers in the 10 or 12 version and Eminence Alpha 8A’s in the 2×8.

We have a couple decent demo’s already made and have plans for more in the near future!  Check it out and then seriously consider getting one of these hand build amplifiers!  As always, comes with a padded cover.

2×8 demo with reverb and tone control sweep tests:

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