Im attempting to take a more proactive approach to the news / blog segment the website.  I thought it might be appealing to do a monthly review of different custom builds, progress on new gear and maybe some interesting insights to the small but busy operation that is Raezers Edge.

About one year ago we set upon a new quest of offering amplifiers in addition to the speaker cabinets that our rep is very much staked in.  It’s been a rollercoaster to say the least.  Starting so late in a game where the market is so saturated, it’s difficult to find your way in the door.  Luckily, I think the quality of the products we continue to develop hold true to the level someone might expect from a small boutique shop.

During the past couple months we mostly just kept our heads down and kept working, developing and bringing new ideas to the table.  Im excited to be tease 2 new amplifier combo models that are also available as a head as well.  I don’t want to go into too much detail until I can give you something to look at and hear.  But I can tell you one model is a TRUE “Class A” amplifier and the other is a “Hybrid” amplifier, using our 200 watt SS power modules with a tube (12ax7) in the preamp section. It’s all very exciting so stay tuned.

Ive also been working harder at putting together quality demo videos for our amps and cabinets. Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube page.  All the videos will be visible from the “Videos” section of the website as well as well as the individual product pages. Check out this demo for the SeQuel Skoter

Here are a couple of the cooler custom or otherwise interesting projects from the past couple months:

Custom 1×12 cabinet loaded with an Eminence Wheelhouse 150 speaker.  The customer wanted a lookalike baby brother cabinet paired with a GenzBenz Black Pearl 30 Combo.


Custom Black Tweed One-10 Acoustic Image Clarus combo.

And another AI Clarus Combo cab but this one is an open back with amp facing up like you might expect with other combos.  This turned out so well.  It sounded amazing loaded with a Jensen Jet Tornado 12″ Neo speaker.

Thanks for reading and paying attention.  I hope everyone had as great a Memorial day weekend as possible given the limiting circumstances.

Geoff Felsher

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