Check this one out.  A true Class A amplifier combo. This idea was fostered in the back room at the Rock Mountain Archtop Festival in 2019.  One of the fantastic featured players mentioned they had wished someone could make a Class A amp without the commonly associated “hum” and extra noise.  Well, that’s exactly what we did. This is the closest thing to a direct connection from your guitar to the speaker.

It’s a cathode bias design, hand wired in Wisconsin with the highest quality parts and components parts. But what is truly cool about this particular Class A amplifier is how quiet it runs in comparison to any other amp of similar design.
Power: 15 Watts
EQ: Tone & Volume
Dimensions: 18″W x 17″H x 10.5″D
Weight: 35 lbs
Speaker: Jensen Jet Neo (options available)
Tubes: KT88 Output & 12AX7 Preamp

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