New bass cab designs!

We’re calling them REBL (Raezers Edge Bass Lite).  Using the new neodymium  Basslite speakers from Eminence they are incredibly light weight and still sound amazing!  Offering a 1×12 or 2×10.  The 2×10 speaker pictured below weighs only 37 lbs and the 1×12 only 24lbs!

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New Website

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NEW! The Raezer’s Edge Combo Series

Our new combo line is now available! Designed to securely hold an Acoustic Image Clarus+ or Series 4 amplifiers. An angled design that matches the Acoustic Image amplier and solid oak trim on either side of the amp. Maintaining the classic Raezer’s Edge look while continuing to improve the look and the tone our cabinets produce. We truly feel this is as good as it gets. Contact us for more details or click here for more details. All models are available with an optional extended range.

new_combo_t8 new_combo


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Raezer’s Edge Nighthawk Cabinet

Raezer’s Edge cabinets have gained the highest reputation in the Jazz and Blues communities for delivering a big focused sound in a small portable cabinet. Now introducing the Nighthawk – 22 pounds of pure, clean, undistorted tone in a 14” x 14” x 10” birch construction bass reflex ported cabinet.
As with our Stealth Extended Range (ER) cabinets, the Nighthawk tonal range spans from 55 Hz to 16KHz+. We didn’t skimp on the high frequency driver either. The Nighthawk uses a Pro Sound Eminence coaxial mounted NSD-2005 driver with titanium diaphragm. Not only does this driver deliver crystal clear highs, it beautifully reinforces the mid range frequencies as well.

With the rear mounted L Pad turned to zero, the Nighthawk delivers a rich, smoky jazz tone, much like that of our Twin 8 cabinet. The tonal personality of the Nighthawk changes dramatically as the L Pad is dialed in. From dark and smoky to full range with plenty of punch – its hard to believe it’s all from one cabinet!

In addition, you will smile every time you transport the Nighthawk. With its recessed handle, small size and light weight, it’s a pleasure to take to your gig.


New! Raezer’s Edge Twin 8 Light Weight Cabinet.

Same dimensions as our standard Twin 8 with a 300W, 4 ohm rating. Full spectrum balanced tone. This new light weight cabinet is constructed from 1/2″ baltic birch finish grade plywood and uses Eminence Acoustinator (TM) high tech speakers. Fitted with recessed handle which avoids interference with all amplifier heads. Works great with Acoustic Image, Evans and Henriksen amplifiers. Highly recommended for use with Fender Jazz Ultralight head. Measures 19.5″ wide, 15″ tall, 10″ deep and weighs in at 20 lbs! Priced identical to our standard Twin 8 cabinet. Pictures coming soon (looks just like the Standard Twin 8). Click HERE for mini review by Dave Stephens


New! JG-10 Jack Grassel Cabinet.

The JG-10 speaker conceived by Jack Grassel is the first rotatable cabinet designed specifically to be at the left of the guitarist. Unprecendented sound control is achieved by unique offset ports. For optimal solo guitar performances, the cabinet can be positioned with the ports on the sides of the speaker. In this position, fuller high and mid-range tones are produced while retaining the signature Raezer’s Edge fat bottom end. For band performances, simply position the cabinet with the ports on top and bottom to project a brighter tone through the band, into the room. The JG-10’s quick response reduces time between pick attack and sound emergence, allowing a lower, more natural reverb setting. Your sound is further enhanced by four flat metal feet on two sides of the cabinet, transferring vibrations into the floor. Experience the added control you can have over your tone with the JG-10. Two comfortable handles located conveniently on top and side, encourage safer lifting and carrying options, protecting not only your hands, but your entire body.

From Jack Grassel:

“During my long career, I’ve been constantly looking for ways to improve my sound and make my job of carrying equipment to gigs easier. The Raezer’s Edge company approached me last year to come up with a speaker cabinet design that I would be happy with. There are a lot of speaker cabinets in the world already. So, yet another cabinet had to be something totally new, that hadn’t been done before. After much work, the new “one of a kind” JG-10 cabinet is a reality and the first cabinet of it’s kind. I’ve tested it on numerous gigs. I like it. These new cabinets immediately replaced the cabinets I had been happy with for the last 30 years. They are that good! For solo gigs I have two them, one on each side of me, or stacked to my left, going stereo.”




Cabinet measures 20.5″ x 14″ with 10″ depth. Weighs in at 29 pounds. Contact your dealer for pricing!

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