“The Raezer’s Edge Cabinet is the perfect companion for my Mapson Guitar…What a team!”
— Mundell Lowe


“The Raezer’s Edge NY8ER Cabinet is the best thing I have heard for amplifying a Selmer-Maccaferri Guitar”
— Marc Schwartz/Hot Club Pacific



“If you are serious about tone, you should be playing through a Raezer’s Edge cabinet”
Sheryl Bailey


“The Raezer’s Edge Cabinet enhances the voice of my own amplified guitars. It’s the final touch!”
– Bob Benedetto

“I want to again tell you how much I am loving this speaker. I’ve been spoiled, now when I play other speakers they just don’t feel nearly as clear and pure as my Raezer’s Edge Stealth 12ER” Julian Lage

“The Raezer’s Edge NY8ER Cabinet is the best thing I have heard for amplifying a Selmer-Maccaferri Guitar” Marc Schwartz/Hot Club Pacific

“I LOVE the new Twin-8 Lightweight cabinet! It think it does have a clearer tone than the original, but still has a nice full sound … they seem very close in sound, but the new one definitely opens everything up … and it’s so much lighter to carry!
– Diane Hubka

” I’ve been using my Stealth 10 & 12 with my acoustic Image Clarus SL-R on all of my performances. My Stealth always provides the best guitar sound with any size group and at any volume. All I have to do is just plug in and it provides everything I need – crystal clear tone, warm powerful sound. Its so easy to carry. Raezer’s Edge is the be best cabinet I have ever had”
-Nobuki Takamen, www.nobukitakamen.com

” The Stealth 12ER is the perfect cabinet for my needs. I play through an Acoustic Image CodaR Amp. My Martin steel string and nylon string acoustics both sound great through the amp as does my Guild electric jazz box. There have been times when I needed a little something more to cut through the band. The Raezer’s Edge is more than a little something more, and has been a tremendous boost to my sound. It adds to the concept of just my guitars onlyo louder while staying clean and true. What a good move! No more worrkes for liver performances with a group.”
-Jane Miller

“I have been a musician all my life and I have always had to deal with the luck of the draw when traveling. For the first time in my life I am now able to carry my Acoustic Image amplifier head, Raezer’s Edge NY8 Cabinet and my guitar onto the airplane … and it all fits comfortably in the overhead compartment. Fortunately I had my gear with me on a recent trip because the airline lost my luggage. I am no longer at the mercy of unsympathetic promoters, equipment rentals and careless baggage handlers. Now where I go, my sound goes with me.”
-Sid Jacobs

“Since I’ve received my Stealth 12, I can’t play anywhere without it. In combination with my Acoustic Image Clarus 2R, it deliverys the best guitar sound I ever heard! thanks and congratulations for building this amazing magic box”
-Gustavo Assis-Brasil

“I received my Stealth 12ER yesterday. Immediatedly hooked it up with the Acoustic Image Clarus 2R. The sound is the absolute best acoustic sound I have ever heard. The sound of the guitar is pure and the vocals are unbelievable. Even with the volumn low or maxed out, the sound quality doesn’t change. I love the ability to control the tweeter – I can dial in the sound I want in seconds! I have owned and played through just about all the other acoustic amps on the market, and nothing comes close to this set-up. I’m sure I am telling you things you have already heard, but ‘WOW’, it’s worth telling you again!”
– John Prescott

“Your speakers have transformed my guitar playing life. Thanks to you I can finally perform at a tonal level that captures what I have been trying to communicate with my playing style. Purchased two Stealth’s from JHale Music. Jeff was fantastic!”
– Joe Carnaggio

“I received the twin 8 cabinet and am totally floored by it. I think, with the Clarus top, it is the best amp I have ever heard. The low end is incredibly fat!! I don’t see how you do it with 8″ speakers! ! ! ! The chords melt into each other like on a very good tube amp. Finally, the cabinet brings out single note and chord solos with amazing clarity and power. You have made a real believer in me!! ! !”
-William A. Bay, President – Mel Bay Publications

“It’s amazing. The sound is so different I feel disoriented – as if I’m playing a new instrument. I always loved playing with headphones because of the clarity, the separation between lows and highs, the brightness without losing the warmth. I never dreamed it was possible to have that sound coming out into the open air through a speaker – but I think you’ve done it. Wow!”
– Roy Goldstein

“My bass 10 will cut through any situation, especially, when used in pairs. It’s smooth and accurate with upright and electric basses”
– Craig Thomas, email: ctbass@aol.com

“My Bass 12 is killin!… killin!… killin!”
– Charles Fambrough

“At last, a speaker for my acoustic bass. My Raezer’s EDGE has a clean focused tone at any volume… My bass sounds like my bass.”
– Steve LaSpina

“My Stealth 12 gives me a warm full sound that projects well at any volume.” – Paul Bollenbeck

“My Jazz box looks good and sounds great!”
– Tal Farlow

“The cabinet sounds so good … after the gig, I could play it all over again!”
– Jack Wilkins

“My Stealth 12 produces a warm, balanced accurate signal and takes it to the next level in sound quality” – Ron Escheté

“I was impressed with the Raezer’s EDGE reflex cabinets for guitar and bass. They produce an extended bottom without boom … they’re tight, warm and accurate.” – Paul Wickliffe , Grammy nominated sound engineer

“The Stealth 10 is the perfect cabinet for me.”
– Mundell Lowe

“Everyone, including me, loves the Raezer’s Edge cabinets!” – Curt Sheller

“I LOVE these cabinets! ! ! ! What a match between the Polytone and your cabinets. It sounds like my guitar, only louder.” – Steven Russo

“I love my Twin-8 and One-8! They have a beautiful, warm sound for both the guitar and the voice. I just wanted you to know how much JOY you’ve brought me – THE SEARCH IS OVER!” – Diane Hubka

“I wanted to tell you how much I liked your cabinet. I have been playing for over 30 years and I make my living as a guitarist. This is the best, most accurate sound I have ever had. It’s added a new enthusiasm to my playing.” – John Corcoran

“I used your Stealth 12 at a Brown Brothers concert on Friday night. I’ve never sounded this good before. You think your cabinet is good for jazz, and they are, but the Stealth 12 is killer for Rock and Blues as well. One satisfied customer!” – Will Brown

“We compared the various Raezer’s Edge speaker cabinets. We matched their levels at 1000Hz and drove them with the Walter Woods amplifier. The clear favorite of the group was the Twin 8. The Twin 8 has crystalline high end detail, without any hard edge. The Stealth 12 adds an attractive warmness that goes well with most archtop guitars.” – Dave Stephens

“Still enjoying the Twin 8 a lot! I mean A LOT!” – Tom Gentry

“I have my very own Raezer’s Edge Stealth 12 speaker cabinet. This work of art has changed my amp and changed my guitar, in ways too dramatic to describe. Let’s just say that the musical value of all my equipment has increased immensely do to this inexpensive but beautiful hand-crafted speaker cabinet. Thank you JJG for being the supurb glue to this fine community of artists and craftsman, that you are.”
– Dr. Richard J. Beck

“Wow, this Bass 10 is awesome! ! ! I brought it to rehearsal last night, it does indeed cut through the rest of the band…….my guitar player is green with envy that it only weighs 30 pounds. I did a side by side comparison with my old 4×10 cabinet, I finally know what my bass sounds like! Thank you, Rich. Feel free to give out this e-mail address to any bass players who need convincing about this cabinet” chip442@hotmail.com

“I am now a believer!!” Andrew Chipman

“If are you are searching for the perfect speaker cabinet, Rich Raezer is the man to get with. His workmanship and dedication to building the perfect speaker cabinet shows in his line of cabinets. My Stealth 12 is by far the best speaker cabinet that I have ever played through. Rich Raezer still believes in doing business the right way. This definitely means a lot to a guy like myself, and I’m sure it means a lot to others. Thank you Rich for being there for the ‘players’ and for building such fine speaker cabinets. Rich Raezer’s cabinets are definitely ‘Speakers from the Gods’ .” – Frank J. Chapmka – Tuxedo Junction Orchestra

“I played a gig with my rock band, and the other guys in the group were hualing in these Marshall half stacks and Fender twins. There was my little stealth 12 and walter woods amid these giant amps. The tone was great even at the ungodly volume we played at. The speaker had no problem whatsoever competing with the other cabinets. There was ‘bookoo bass in the room’ Thanks for making such a quality product.”
– Martin M. Torres

“I use the Evans AE-200(8/6) with my stealth 12. The Evans is the 200W head with an 8″ and a 6″ speaker. A very nice combo amp, but when I added the Stealth to the picture the whole thing opened right up- particularly the low end. The tone is killer, but the response is even more remarkable– it just really makes it easy to connect with the sound, maybe that’s what’s called ‘musical’. There is also a dramatic improvement in feedback rejection even when you stand right in front of the speaker. I don’t know why this is true, but it is undeniable. So, in a long winded way, I mean to say that Evans and Raezer make a great pair.”
– Mark Kleinhaut

“Rich, I have received the ONE-8 and it is Awesome! Then I ordered the second one. It’s rare to find a product, today, that exceeds your expectations. Thanks”.
– Chris Morrison

“My Artist Award has finally found a new friend !!! This week I received my Twin-8 cab, hooked it up to the Mega Brain, plugged in and I knew my search had ended. Finally, my guitar sounds like a guitar. Your cabinet did the trick. I’ve played through Polytones before but the 2 -8 puts it WAY OVER THE TOP!!! Thanks for a fine instrument … It doesn’t deserve to be called a mere cabinet. Thanks Rich”
– Bob Bartoli

“The Stealth 12’s are simply the best cabinets I’ve heard.. . the sound is focused and rich and deep and clear as a bell. I could go on but I’m sure you’ve heard it all before. These cabs are fantastic, so much thanks for building these wonderful cabs and saving my tone and my back!!! Consider me one very satisfied customer. I’m telling everybody I can. – most sincerely”
– Jim Fowler