8 Combo

combo speaker cabinets

Identical in sound and performance to the Raezer’s Edge NY 8 with custom designed space for an Acoustic Image Series III amplifier. The NY 8 was designed to meet the needs of players struggling with crowded transit systems of New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong, while preserving and enhancing a full rich sound. It is also a great small cabinet to use as a sidekick to the Stealth 12, Twin 8 or the Stealth 10. By itself it is surprisingly big in tone.

It is warm and aggressive and, when turned up in volume, it almost sounds like a 12. The NY 8 is good by itself in small combo situations, but works best with higher powered amps – 150 watts and above. In combination with other cabinets, it needs less power.

The NY 8 can also be used in conjunction with other RE cabinets. A great way to expand the sound of your existing system.


  • Power: 225 watts
  • Speaker: Eminence Beta 8A @ 8 Ω
  • Dimensions: 12'' W x 20'' H x 9'' D
  • Weight: 22lbs
  • Frequency range: 55 Hz to 5k Hz