Q: What guitar amp heads do you recommend with your cabinets ?

A: Highly recommended is the new Clarus and Focus amplifers, by Acoustic Image. The new Clarus 2R is outstanding with an extra channel for a microphone. Other recommended amp heads are the Evans – AH200, Fender Jazzmaster Ultralight and the Walter Woods. These are solid state and have built in reverb units, except for Walter Woods. The Fender Ultralight Jazzmaster works best with our 4 ohm Twin 8 and Twin 8 Tower cabinets. Tube type amps work well also, and sound best with our 8 ohm speaker cabinets and they are safer with the 8 ohms. Amplifiers that are ”Combos” ( built in speakers ) work well also. Some of these amplifiers have an extension speaker out jack. Typically our 8 ohm cabinets work best with these. For more information in detail about amplifiers, email or call and we will help you make the best choice.


Q: I have an Evans AE 200, this is a 4 ohm amp. Can I use this in combination with one of your cabinets?

A: Yes. Many of our customers love this combination. Evans recommends 8 ohm 12″ cabinets such as our Stealth 12 and Stealth 12ER. They sound great when driven from an Evans.


Q: What is the difference in sound between the Twin 8 and Stealth 12?

A: The Twin 8 has a more vintage tube-like sound. It is 4 ohms and is very efficient with lower watt solid state amps. If you need extra warmth in your guitar tone, this is a good choice. The Stealth 12 is slightly more aggressive in tone and brighter on the mids and high end. It is 8 ohms and can be used in combination with other speakers, safely. The Stealth 12 has a peak of 300 watts. The sound is powerful. Both cabinets are perfect with a 6 or 7 string guitar. Feedback reduction is excellent.


Raezer’s EDGE FAQ: Bass

Q: I play 4 string upright bass. What cabinet would you recommend?

A: The 10″ or 12″ are my favorites. For normal gigs either one is very good. The small one kicks butt. People are surprised at the warmth and projection of the Bass 10. This little cabinet is very portable for small and medium gigs. The 12 comes in two speaker selections. If you play 4 string upright most of the time the lighter speaker is perfect – 200 watts. If you play electric bass guitar, at high volumes and use 5 or more strings, the 400 watt model is best. It is built for the more aggressive player in jazz, rock or fusion. The basic weight of the lighter, 56oz. magnet speaker, brings the over-all weight to 35 lbs. The 12″ – 400 watt model has an 80oz.magnet and the over all weight of the cabinet is 45 lbs. The heavier 12″ speaker covers all the basses, no pun intended.


Q: What are some good amps to use with your bass cabinets?

A: Some excellent amp heads are: Clarus by Acoustic Image , Walter Woods and GK . These are perfect with my bass cabinets.